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Term paper on Emotions of Love

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Term paper on Emotions of Love

Post  PapersQueen on Sat Jan 23, 2010 7:52 am

Introduction: The word in which one lives today is one that has evolved into a tremendous net of communication and exchange processes of various kinds. Technological progress has aided this process abundantly, and has had an immense impact on the way that life is led today.

Along with the manner in which technology has quickened the pace at which human being live today, it is the freedom that man is provided in spite of him being governed by legalities. This is worth asserting because of the fact that laws have prevented people in primitive times from exercising their free will. However, largely due to democratic principles, people are free to express themselves in whatever they choose, as long as they do not harm anyone.

On the basis of this, one may assert that there are also commodities that have been developed in correspondence with free will. To be more specific, this refers to the free will to love; people express their love in several ways, and they choose different commodities to do so. For example, one may choose to send a loved one a gift/parcel which might be quite costly. Others might prefer to be simpler, and send their loved ones cards.

Having mentioned cards, it must be asserted that greeting cards, especially love greeting cards, have become a viable commodity. This is because it is a product that could hardly ever go out of the market; it is driven by one’s free will, and is easily affordable to persons living in the remotest of areas. In considering the advantages of sending loved ones cards, it is interesting to make note of the contents of cards. In order to do so, one card in particular is selected and analyzed, which will reveal specifically who it is intended for.

Analysis: To begin with, ‘love’ is an emotion that can be expressed in different ways. However, it is an emotion that can be defined in several different ways too; ‘love’ being a fluid term, is characterized by various actions. Some assert that the ‘love’ that one experiences with one’s lover is totally different compared to the love that one would experience with his or her parents. In a manner of speaking, it must be asserted that these two types of ‘love’ as examples are different. However, essentially they are one and the same. This is because of the notion that ‘love’ is proportionate to caring for an individual.

Take into consideration the manner in which one cares for his or parents, children and spouse; the feeling is one and the same (Akin, 2003. 291p). Of course, in the case of a spouse or lover, this emotion is enhanced, and transcends into a secondary stage in which there are unique experiences, such as the kinds of physical contact that people make. Having categorized this stage in love as a ‘secondary stage’, it must also be taken into consideration that there are also individuals who desire this secondary stage, and even base their feelings for someone they have recently met on these ‘secondary’ emotions (Augsburger, 1973, 176p). However, in spite of this irregular approach, greeting cards and other love-packages cater to them; there are no restrictions, as this is no violation of law in most parts of the world. Having somewhat defined the emotion of love and its relevance to different relationships, it is easier to determine what kind of love a greeting card caters to.

Consider illustration 1 while discussing the emotion of love; it apparently says a great deal, and could apply to any stage of love. However, it is passive in the sense that it isn’t as conventional as some cards are. This is because it does not have all the color that cards usually have on them. For instance, ‘red’ is common with love greeting cards; this is because of the fact that it is an attractive color. The color ‘red’ is one that may even suggest infatuation, and this is because of the fact that it far too much of a conventional color associated with love. It must be asserted there here that this color is often a misleading one because it aids in confusing the real meaning of love.

Infatuation cannot really be placed on the same platform as love; when one is infatuated, s/he has no idea of what his role as a lover is, and s/he does not really have an idea about love in the practical sense, as in living with someone and looking after him or her. However, in this card, it can be observed that the ideas a very different from the conventional idea of love (Benoît, 1955, 308p).

In addition to the color selection for this card being different, the characters too are different; they are normally human, and they are usually in physical contact with each other. However, in this card (illustration 1), it can be observed that the ideas are delicate; the designer has done a wonderful job of giving the card some deeper significance.

Instead of using conventional human characters, the designer has brilliantly selected too pets, cats; one is bigger than the other, and is also different in its coloring and marking. The bigger cat is black and white, while the smaller one is brown and white. The difference in the sizes of the cats symbolizes that one is the protector or male. It also must be noted that since there is a difference in the color of the cats, one might assert that these colors symbolize two different and unique personalities. However, these two different personalities are ones that are brought together because they love each other, symbolizing that the sender is aware of these differences, but still loves the receiver.

So, this card is probably more suitable from a male to give to a female. It is evident that the designer also wanted this particular card to demonstrate tenderness, which is why s/he has selected cats as the two characters. The designer has also shown them (the cats) lying close together with their eyes closed, in order to symbolize the faith they have in each other. Being tender creatures, these cats stand for the tenderness that love is supposed to bring into the lives of those in love.
In addition to the closeness that is symbolized in this card, it is also worth mentioning what the sender is implying. If one observes this card carefully, the bigger, black-and-white cat has a cat-collar around his neck. This means that the cat is a domesticated one, and is used to returning home; these kinds of cats usually have their homes on their minds no matter how far they wander. By sending this card, a sender would be telling his lover/wife that no matter where he is, his mind is on her. This reason adds up with the one presented earlier regarding the differences in personality. It must be asserted here that the designer has intended this mixture in order to enhance the message through symbolism; the sender would automatically be telling his wife/lover that though they are very different people they still love each other and want to be together for the rest of their lives.

This element of a life-long commitment is reinforced by the words on this card. These words are very simple, but they are deep; they are deep in the sense that they are direct and arouse one’s emotions. The words on this card are as follows “Happy Birthday to the one I will love my whole life” (Cats Snuggling, 2003). These words are simple and direct; one cannot get any other ideas from such words. However, since this card is available from a website that provides an option for customizing it, one can always have his own words added on. However, one would have to be careful not to tamper with the intended meaning of the message in this card; this is something that can easily happen.

Conclusion: The message sent by one lover to another in illustration 1 is one that is plain and simple. The designer obviously intended it to be this way; s/he has made it all look very simple, but has also added a great significance in it through each ingredient. The words and images are well selected because in spite of their simplicity, the message is brilliant. The words selected are not conventional in anyway, and neither are the images. This is what really gives this happy birthday or love-greeting card more value. Certainly, an individual in search of a card that can tap into his lover’s deepest emotions would certainly go for this card. This is because this card reflects all sincerity one would want his lover to feel, and thus present before her the essence of his love.


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