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Term paper on A Business Paper based on Decision Making

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Term paper on A Business Paper based on Decision Making

Post  Admin on Fri Jan 22, 2010 6:41 am

An introduction to the organization & decision-making
Herbacure Incorporation, the organization of which I am the manager, was an exceptionally productive company dealing in herbal medicines for commonly arising health ailments such as the symptoms of cough, cold and flu. And although this is still the scope of the firms operation, the former part of the statement doesn’t ring true anymore. This is since the company has been seeing a steady rate of organizational decline during the past year or so, something that has been particularly a result of poor decision-making manifested in the farce of mismanagement. It must be considered, before continuing with this paper, that that all [organizational] decisions, regardless of their scope or nature, inevitably tend to initiate a chain of events that specifically entail certain activities resulting in certain outcomes (Begel, 1997).

Case Study: Negativistic Decision-Making in Herbacure Inc
Take into consideration, for instance, the fact that I ordered the production of 25 additional batches of stock, each batch with 200 cartons [10 bottles each] last year. The order was for the production of the company’s new product on its line up; an herbal-based energy stimulant that appeared to be doing good since 7 of the first 15 batches introduced in the market had been sold out. It turned out, however, that the inventory froze after 9 of the first 15 batches had been sold out, consequently making for the total number of stock in the warehouse to be rated at 21 batches. The situation was made even more detrimental as a result of the fact that the introduction of the energy drink caused the collective sales of Herbacure Inc to go down.

This was a result of a market decline in brand loyalty of the customers. It appeared that the ineffectual production and marketing of the energy drink managed to mar the overall image of the company in the perception of the generic consumer (s). The subsequent costs incurred as a result of the useless stock and the accompanying loss of market shares turned out to evolve into an inherent corporate splinter for Herbacure Inc. And this, moreover, is something that is accentuated even further when considering that even today, the company is far from regaining the organizational valor it possessed during its pre-decline era.

Conclusion (s): Analysis & Recommendations
It is quite apparent that, speaking in consideration of the organizational demise of Herbacure Inc as it has been outlined above; one of the most relevant proponents of effectual decision-making is to contemplatively acknowledge all alternative interests and perspectives. And in spite of the fact that this is something that is far from being as easy as it sounds, selecting the optimal decision in this way is the most applicable decision making module that can be adhered to (Shapira, 2002).

Also note that the hypothetical case study regarding Herbacure Inc is also instrumental to other managers in as much as portraying to them the disadvantageousness of thinking into the future; foresightedness (Ashley & Morrison, 1997). It would, thus, be conclusively apt to acknowledge that contemplating and comparing possible scenarios to different decisions and subsequently choosing the optimum decision is the best example of scanning and monitoring the possible implications of a particular decision-making process.

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