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Dance Coursework

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Dance Coursework

Post  SamPan on Thu Feb 04, 2010 5:36 am

Title - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Title Of Composer - Damien Rice - 9 Crimes (Played on piano by... Adam Greenhalsh) I chose to base my final dance peice on the film/book Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The reason for me doing this is because i liked the idea of using differnet styles of dance eg: ballet/contempry & hiphop/contempry. I then chose to contrast the dance moves and the 'split' personalities of the character together. I used the Film to help build up my idea, and i used their split personalities to help me with the moves i used in my dance peice. In the first section of my dance (the opening part) my dynamics are very sharp and abrupt. This is to show Hyde's movements. When he takes over Jekyll he turns very nasty, and ill-mannered. Also my movements are very fast, and i use a wide range of rotation, elevation etc... This is to help show the characters aggression towards the world. In the first section i use movements such as...bends in my body, twists, twirls and flexibility. As my dance progresses, and i reach the middle point in my dance, i do the whole thing in reverse. Here i am showing the character (Hyde) change into Jekyll. I use the same movements, to show that although theyhave different personalities, they are still the same person. I continue the reverse movemants at a constant speed. When doing the dance backwards, i add a few different moves into it. This also shows a change in character... his personality is changing , so the dance follows that and changes slightly. Finally the last part of my dance is when Hyde has completely changed into Jekyll. Both of thier personalities and attitudes are inadiquetly different. The way i have chosen to express this is by doing my movements very slow, and by my dynamics being soft. I have also used suttle movements i the final part. This is to reflect on the observers mind, and relise that there has been a change in characteristics, but has still kept the same physical features of the same character. When doing my dance i made many mistakes and had to ajust alot of things. I started the dance without using the music. This was very difficult when i came to compress the whole thing together, as the moves were either faster or slower than the actual song. So then i decided that when doing my final dance peice i would ask a friend to play the music. This way we could ajust and recompose the lyrical usic to make sure that it fitted it with my choreography.


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