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Violence in Sports

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Violence in Sports

Post  MBAstudent on Tue Feb 23, 2010 2:08 am

Do you think there's a connection between sports and violence? If you do, do you
think it should be banned? I too think that it's connected but, unlike most
people, don't think it should be banned. I have many reasons to believe so and I
will state them in my essay.

First I will point out that not all sports include violence. Not many actually
express violence, the only ones that do contain violence are team sports. I'm
not saying that I dislike team sports, au contraire I love team sports, they
help build team spirits. All I'm saying is that sports like football contain
lots of violence, unlike individual sports like ping pong or kayaking. Some
sports are now becoming so violent that it's almost impossible to remove the
violence without removing the sport itself. Lots of people protest because some
sports are too violent and they're trying to take the violence away by banning
them. What they don't realize is that there are billions of fans that are
obsessed by those sports and by taking a sport away from them, could ruin their
lives. Trying to stop the violence is almost like trying to declare world peace.
There will always be someone who either picks a fight or builds an underground
organization. Football, hockey, soccer, and all those other violent sports will
be practiced until the end of the world. Another reason why I don't want these
sports to be cut is because when you practice a sport like football it helps you
release all that frustration and energy you have inside. By releasing all that
pressure it helps you relax for a period of time. Getting rid of popular sports
like hockey or football could put a lot more kids on the streets because they
would have nowhere else to go or nothing else to do. Some people tell others to
keep their kids out of team sports to avoid getting involved in a gang. What
those people don't realize is that those kids that never played a team sport
before will probably either get involved in another kind of gang or end up
spending all his time working and not playing. Violence in sports is terrible,
and I must admit it's becoming, if it's not already, a major part of sports.
What's really awful is that you cannot remove the violence. The best suggestion
I can give is to teach the young ones just starting that violence does not make
the game fun.


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