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Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis

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Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis

Post  Pete2002 on Mon Jan 25, 2010 3:21 am

Awareness and the ability to analyze ones personal and professional ethics is an essential aspect for adults in today’s highly competitive and specialized business world. This paper will interpret the results of the Ethics Awareness Inventory, explain how the educational experience has influenced my own ethical thinking, describe how I apply my own ethics in thinking and decision-making, and how I attempt to cope with people and situations that offer differing interpretations of ethical behavior.

The awareness of the conditions which define our ethical prospective and that of others gives us the ability to offer positive input on decisions we make on a daily basis. That is why it is imperative to take inventory on the perspectives we practice each day. The Ethics Awareness Inventory refers to a combination of broad characterizations representing four categories of ethical philosophy, which are Character, Obligation, Results, and Equity. They have been designed to assist in the development of a deeper understanding of personal ethical perspectives and styles. These descriptions are used to analyze some of the characteristics of my own perspective on ethics according to my preferred answers when faced with ethical issues.

According to the Ethics Awareness Inventory [EAI] (Williams Institute for Ethics and Management [WIEM], 2003), my ethical perspective is most likely based on Character and least likely based on Equity. I tend to center my ethical perspective on “what it is good to be” rather than “what it is good to do”.

My decision-making ability is based on ethical reasoning. Sometimes things that appear to be good are not always good. I am the type of person that likes to see all of the information or facts about a particular thing before I make any decision. I have come to realize that different people have their own ethical views and behaviors that they adhere too. I respect those views and behaviors as long as they don’t affect me directly. I think that people in general like me for that reason because I do not count someone out because of their actions. I have learned how to respect others for who they are as a person; and, that is what I instill in my child today.

In conclusion, having ethical values is something that should not be taken lightly. In today’s world, ethical values is the measuring stick for every member of society. Developing ethical behaviors and morals starts at home. After that foundation is laid, individuals must expand their knowledge of ethical behavior through their educational experiences.

Williams Institute for Ethics and Management (2003). Ethics Awareness Inventory. Retrieved July 17, 2008, from University of Phoenix, Resource, GEN/480, Interdisciplinary Capstone Course Web link:


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