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Women In The 90'S

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Women In The 90'S

Post  Tina_0888 on Fri Jan 29, 2010 3:16 am

Women in Television The role of women in television has had an impact important on humanity and on life in America. The image of women in situation comedies has changed. Women in our society have played many roles. During this period from the decades of the 1950’s through the 1990’s, women started getting their own jobs and got better schooling. The roles of women as portrayed in popular American television have changed from that of humiliating, degrading images to those of dignity and respect. In the series, the “Brady Bunch”, Carol Brady, cast as the role of the mother, is portrayed as a person who dedicates her entire life to her family. Her activities are family centered. It does not appear that she has employable skills, or that she would choose to go into the work world. She is not portrayed as a decision-maker but waits until her husband comes home to make decisions. Alice, A very strong “maid” who virtually makes decisions about running the household, supports her management of her home. A great emphasis is placed on Mrs. Brady’s physical attractiveness. In contrast, the series “Home Improvement” has a mother who is strong and makes all the decisions of the household. Compared to Mrs. Brady’s portrayal, the mother is a powerful and hard working mother and wife for both her boys and her husband. She portrays the major influence that working women have on American society today. The foci on women on television have changed since the 1950's, giving women more powerful images. Today, in the 1990's, women have shown that their standards are for excellence in both work and home. Educational background is more important than sex appeal. Indeed, the image of women portrayed in television since the 1950's has improved to one of dignity and respect.

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