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Geologists Empty Geologists

Post  MBAstudent on Tue Feb 23, 2010 1:09 am

The career report assigned was on geologists. I have found that
the information given was more than enough to make me interested in this
job in the future. There are many civilian-based jobs out there that are
close to a geologist. The civilian jobs related to a geologist are
geophysicist, hydrologist, mineralogist, petrologist, seismologist, and
engineer in soils.

On the job there are plenty of things to do. The basic work
consists of studying rocks, minerals and other natural land features. They
determine what has happened to these things since formation, and what
effect they've had on man. After finished studying these rocks, they write
reports on what they have found. Geologists study the natural underground
resources and underground water. They are good people to refer to when
building a large structure such as dams, tunnels, or highways. They help
preserve and clean the environment, which is getting increasingly futile.
Last but not least, they study the negative impacts that natural disasters
have on life and humans, and then they try to reduce these negative things.

When being educated for the job, you will need a bachelor's degree
in geology for a lower level job. For higher level jobs, you will need at
least a master's degree. There are three different majors that you can use
to get into this field of work, they are geological/geophysical engineering,
geological and related sciences, and miscellaneous physical sciences. If
you want to teach in a university or college you will basically need a Ph.D.
There is no special licensing or certification for this job.

To be successful in this job you will need many different abilities,
and qualities. Being curious is essential for the geologist. An ability
to work as part of a team and the ability to adapt are a few more of the
no-brainers. Although being a good independent worker is another essential
ability. Good communication skills are very important too. Having
computer skills is a great attribute too, and is getting more important in
any job every day. Economics understanding is yet another very good thing
to have. The ability to visualize in the 3-D is another ability greatly
appreciated by co-workers.

The only real way that you can advance in this job is to gain
experience. When enough experience is gained, you could get promoted to
the Project Leader, or Program Manager. The average starting salary is
around $30,500 a year, but again as experience grows so do the bucks. An
experienced worker can make up to $79,000 a year.

The physical demands are a bit obvious. A geologist will
frequently need to reach and handle fragile objects, look at things very
closely, use depth perception, adjust to darkness and have a keen eye for
color. They will occasionally need to climb, use balance, stoop, and kneel.

I mostly like the fact that being a geologist means playing a
critical role in helping to clean the environment. Other likes for the job
are the salary, being able to travel and having a large variety of work.


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