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Term paper on D & B Business Organization: A Brief Evaluation

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Term paper on D & B Business Organization: A Brief Evaluation

Post  PapersQueen on Sat Jan 23, 2010 6:58 am

D&B is global business company located in New Jersey since 160 years. It consists of 16 executive members where Allan Z. Loren is the chairman and C.O of the company and the board of directors consists of 3 members. It is the most trusted source to provide business-to-business and credit as well as marketing and purchasing information. This company leads in providing global business information and tools to its customers and builds confidence among them to take critical business decisions. They provide quality information to solve the various management problems, to mitigate risks, increase cash flow as well as to drive increased profitability. It also provides sales and marketing solutions to increase revenue as well as make available Management solutions to identify purchasing savings, manage risk and guarantee compliance within the supply base.

It provides business related solutions to its customers in a very organized manner. It Collects the credit reports of its customers and provides relevant information to check the creditworthiness and establish credit terms suiting to their (customer) business. This helps their customers to maximize their cash flow and reduce write-offs. It also offers a number of credit reports and credit details to provide a comparative study to its customers. The most important thing to be noted about this business company is its accuracy in information provided to its valuable customers. In order to reach to complete accuracy prior to supply any information, it daily collects, aggregates and verifies data from thousands of other business sources.

It also gives information to contact new customers as well as techniques to persuade them to join in the company for new businessmen. Moreover it also provides various career benefits to intelligent and creative people. Its database also provides information related to facts and figures of the total number of business employee related to this company.
Therefore, it provides all kind of quality information and gives related to business to all its customers. Its customers under the guidance of this company makes critical decisions with full confidence and gets secure to the risk of loss. It separately deals with its products, risks management solutions, and sales and marketing solutions, supply management solutions, small business solutions as well as government solutions. So it covers all aspects of business information with quality solutions for instance, in order to analyze the financial status. It provides information related to cash flow statements, income statements as well as balance sheets.


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